Top 6 Farmer’s Markets in Downtown LA!

Whether it’s a weekend run to get your shopping and brunch on, or a weekday stop on your lunch hour, we checked out 6 of the best Farmers Markets in Downtown LA. Read on, and let us know where we’ll see you at!


Head on out to 5th and Broadway every Sunday for the Historic Downtown Farmer’s Market of LA. Whistling distance from Fig at 7th, this DTLA Farmers Market offers an incredible array of everything you expect at your Farmers Market (farm fresh eggs, flowers, organic produce) to more exotic, “Gotta love LA” pickings including pupusas, barbecue, and curry dishes, as well as the opportunity to have your cake and eat it, too since you can find brunch and breakfast options, too. Shop for your meal planning for the forthcoming week, and let’s do Sunday brunch at the Downtown Farmers Market, too!


After that weekend brunch at DTLA Farmers Market, how’s about getting your fashion shopping in along with grabbing the goods for your dinner and morning smoothie? At nearby Silverlake Farmers Market (every Tuesday 2pm-730p and Saturdays at 8am to 2pm), they boast your produce, nuts, honey and health foods, but, also vintage clothing, jewelry and shoes!


On Wednesdays, we go to the Pershing Square Farmers Market! This popular Downtown Los Angeles destination gets flocks of locals each week as their plaza becomes the hot spot for all of your grocery needs; perfect for a walk from Seven West! “For only $5,” says a happy Yelp-er, “I was able to get 2 pupusas which came with a small bag of vegetables and red sauce. I topped off my meal with a $4 blueberry pomegranate drink!” Psst, they are not kidding. The puposas are that good.


We first headed to the Fig at 7th Farmers Market that goes down each Thursday here in DTLA when we heard Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream is one of their vendors. Then, we discovered just how awesome and versatile Fig at 7th’s fair is each week. From Swedish meat balls to stuffed grape leaves, this Downtown LA Farmers market is another fantastic option for walking to from Seven West, or on your lunch break.


While it can get crowded, we still love the Bank of America Farmers Market on Hope Street. Each Friday, they set up shop in their promenade, which makes it a great option to grab some lunch and enjoy under the trees on a sunshine day. Writes a Yelp reviewer, “Personally one of the best Farmers Market in downtown LA. There’s definitely a good abundance of options for food, treats, and shopping. Prices are not bad either as you get really fresh made stuff and locally harvested items. One of their vendors the BBQ chicken is always packed with tons of people with a huge line. However for the most part it does move fairly well!”


Rain or shine every Saturday, the Baldwin Hills-Crenshaw Farmers Market always draws a crowd, and is a fantastic start to your Saturday. “First time at this Farmers Market and I am in love!” writes a happy customer on Yelp. One of the most popular vendors here is Ari’s Natural Foods, word is their Pumpkin yogurt is excellent! Another perk? Ample parking. So, bring your car, and your appetite.
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The Best 3 Wine Bars in City West

Wine. What was once looked on as what “fancy” people drink over a lavish dinner, while comparing notes upon their first sip, has certainly become a bit more for the masses. From Moms to Grandparents alike, many people have discovered the beauty that is wine and all of the incredible aspects that can come from one simple glass. Whether it’s a red from Bordeaux or a butter-y, French oak aged Chardonnay that is your go-to, you certainly are living in the right place for an array of options for wine bars. We decided to do some investigating in City West (ok, ok, we admit; it was a very easy investigation to sign up for!) to share with you some of our favorites in LA’s City West. Cheers!


BottleRock combines the best of both worlds. Boasting a wine bar, restaurant and retail shop, BottleRock has mastered the expertise of offering a location to grab a delicious meal expertly paired with a fantastic wine, stop by for a glass (or 2) before heading off to your other plans, or, stopping in to buy that bottle of wine for your guests coming over.

From their website:

“BottleRock offers an extensive wine list of over 800 different wine labels with top producers for the insatiable connoisseur, value wines for the budget-conscious, and obscure, rare varietals for adventurous types eager to explore the world of wine. While a constantly evolving list of wines by the glass is available, servers will ‘pop the cork’ on any bottle of wine with a commitment to purchase two glasses. As BottleRock is also a wine retail shop, all wines are also available for purchase at the reduced retail price.”

Just under 2 blocks from LA Live, BottleRock is an ideal one stop shop for all of your wine needs.

Sara: The Wine Bar

A staple for the wine lovers in City West, Sara is a Culver City favorite also offers a great menu to go along with their wines; “This a local spot, amazing for Happy Hour!” writes a happy Yelp review, “I went in solo to have a glass of wine and some Mommy time and met Sara. She’s super down to earth and friendly. We made casual banter and I tried the meatballs. It was a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere and I really like the meat balls. Of course, great wine!” We also recommend you do not leave without trying their world-famous bruschetta; many say it’s the next best thing to Italy’s!

Plan Check Kitchen and Bar

Plan Check is an incredible restaurant and bar, especially if you have guests in tow who are not all on the same page as far as their drink. They’ve got a fantastic wine list, beer, cocktails and even Japanese whiskey, all on tap. We love their Langetwins Winery Estate Grown Sauvignon Blanc, and the Caricature Cabernet Sauvignon. If you are looking for something different than their wine, that whiskey ain’t a bad choice, either!

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The Best 3 Dog Parks in DTLA

Let’s face it: Residing in Downtown LA can feel like a job in itself. Between the 9 to 5 grind, managing a social life and keeping up with all Los Angeles has to offer, some days, you just to take a step back and go on a date with your four legged BFF. Not only are we pet friendly here at Seven West, but, Downtown LA loves dogs, too! From LA Live to Silverlake, rest assured that Downtown LA dog parks are crawling everywhere. Read onto discover where we recommend you take Fido!


Extremely clean and well maintained, check out South Park Dog Park in the center of all that Downtown LA action: at LA Live! Opening in 2013, this Downtown LA dog park is in compliance with preserving water and has an enormous space with wood chips as well as dog bag stations (in-case you forget your bags!) and is often not too crowded in the often busy LA Live. If you have a larger pooch, get ready for them to not want to leave as their fenced area of the park is ample, just like your dog! The small dog area is something to write home about, too; usually very quiet, it’s a great space to let your little love run free, and maybe a make a pal or two!

LA Live’s South Park Dog Park is also about giving back, and helping dogs in need of a forever home find one; on their website, they list Downtown LA dogs up for adoption, and you can also support local rescue shelters by purchasing adorable merchandise directly from their site!


Located on nearby 4th Street, The Arts District Dog Park is a fantastic pooch stop, and often have fun events to bring your dog too (For Mother’s Day, you could make your Momma dog a card…how cute is that?). Opened in 2009, this popular Downtown LA dog park is unique as it is not run by the city. It was founded by a neighborhood organization called LARABA, the land is being loaned to the community by a private owner and it is completely funded by donations and maintained by volunteers! They do an amazing job at keeping it greatly maintained and a safe, fun environment for you and your dog. Open late (11pm), too!


While many affectionately refer to Silverlake as a “Hipster Haven”, Silverlake is truly a gem of Los Angeles, and nowhere to overlook. Their Silverlake Dog Park is no different. With a gorgeous outdoor setting boasting three parks (large dogs and small dogs, and a human park), their large dog park has water stations to give your dog water and even a hose and tub to soak Fido down if it’s a hot day. Buster’s human folks will appreciate their basketball court and playground for the children, as well as shady areas in all three parks to sit while dogs go play.

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