Your Guide to Labor Day Weekend Events

The last hurrah of summer is upon us. How can this be? While the light nights, warm temps and cool vibes may have limited days, that just means pumpkin spice latte’s and a winter wonderland (if you call LA that, that is!) is approaching. In the meantime, though, you have one more chance to bust out the white and get ready for a long weekend over Labor Day. We have rounded up some of our picks for a Labor Day to remember in Downtown Los Angeles, and beyond. Read on and decide where you will be at.


The ultimate LA experience, LA Times’ The Taste brings winos and foodies from all over the country (if not world) to the Paramount back lot for a Labor Day weekend of some of the best food and wine L.A. has to offer. You will get the opportunity to hob nob with some of LA Times’ head honchos from their Food department (photo opps with food critic, Jonathan Gold, anyone?) to dozens of tastings from eateries around the city. The weekend rounds out with a “Sunday Block Party”, followed by a colorful “Flavors of L.A.” cooking event. In addition, various LA Times editors and writers will host daily panel discussions and demonstrations on topics from farm-to-table cuisine to how to mix the perfect cocktail. One pass will get you all of these privileges, and you are sure to leave in a glorious Los Angeles food coma!


Get your Labor Day party started at Downtown LA’s The Bloc when they get several food trucks pulling up and setting up shop from 11am to 2pm. Perfect to get you in the spirit for the long weekend before the grind ends!


This may just have our vote as best way to spend your Labor Day weekend while staying close to Downtown Los Angeles. Rooftop Cinema Club hosts their famous summer outdoor movie nights at Downtown LA’s Level (wait til you see the view). Over Labor Day weekend, cruise on over and arrive early for food and drinks and just to soak in the views while you await to screen classics like Pulp Fiction (9-1), Reservoir Dogs (9-2) and Casablanca (9-5).


Another fantastic option for staying local to Downtown Los Angeles while getting your Labor Day on is definitely over at The Ace Hotel. From Friday through Sunday, check out the sounds of DJ’s like Booby Trap creator and DJ Kim Anh as they host Yowsah. An event that is open to all who love and live to dance. On Sunday, dance to the sounds of DJ sets from special guests DJs Francesca Harding and Tomi Tribe, hosted by Chief Boima and Nora Rahimian, who will bring an international flare to LA.

Psst, did we mention these sets are free?!
There’s also fun to be had on the outskirts of LA like at the LA County Fair and Knotts Berry Farm, but, we think you will be busy keeping up more locally. Let us know where you at on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Coffee Spotlight: Blue Bottle Coffee, City West LA

Back in the day, coffee was a simple drink; something to lift the morning, fog from your eyes as you reached for the Folger’s or set your timer to start a brew in the AM. Nowadays? Coffee is on par with those who fall to their knees at IPA brews and wine tasting notes. Rightly so, coffee and the bean roasting process is an extremely detailed, elaborate process that can make or break the aroma and taste.

Here in Los Angeles, this is especially true. For those of us who like to go beyond Starbucks, LA is bursting with coffee houses and is quickly rivaling Seattle as the coffee capital of the world. We decided to get the scoop on one of our favorite spots for coffee in the City West end of Los Angeles.

Enter Blue Bottle Coffee. Quickly popping up in stores across the USA and several shop fronts in multiple metropolitan cities (and Tokyo). It all began in the early 2000s, in Oakland, California. When a group of musicians and artists were weary of the commercial coffee enterprise and stale, overly roasted beans, they decided to open a roaster for people who were clamoring for the actual taste of fresh coffee. Using a minuscule six-pound batch roaster, a historic vow was made and is Blue Bottle’s motto: We will only sell coffee less than 48 hours out of the roaster to our guests, so they may enjoy coffee at peak flavor. Only the use of the finest, most delicious, and responsibly sourced beans are used.

Pretty bold and deep for a cup of coffee, no?

Fast forward 15 years later, and Blue Bottle is continuing this mindset, and we are thankful for it anytime we hit up their coffee shop in Los Angeles’ City West in Downtown Los Angeles. Located in the beautiful Bradbury Building, this classic and historic center is the setting for many of Hollywood’s most famous scenes (mainly Blade Runner and The White Cliffs of Dover). Blue Bottle Coffee opens daily at 7 am and, while it can get that morning rush, they keep the line moving and the java coming.

“I’ve ordered the New Orleans twice, and Blue Bottle has never failed me.” Writes just one of their many happy Yelp reviews, “This drink is very creamy and refreshing. Their coffee beans are very exotic.”

While another adds, “I love the layout that they have. You can sit outside and enjoy the warm sun if you wish. They have comfy bean bags that will get you cozy. I love the stairs! Interior has the aesthetic minimalist look that everyone seems to want.”

We definitely can attest that Blue Bottle’s New Orleans coffee is the way to go. Add in a tiramisu shortbread cookie and you really are in for a treat. You can visit their website here and make sure to check them out when you venture forth to City West from Downtown LA.
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Top 5 Summer Getaways from Downtown LA!

There is nothing like a great getaway. When that bug for a Summer getaway from Downtown LA hits, rest assured if you cannot make the trek to Vegas or take that cross-country road trip (because, you know, adulting), we compiled a little handy guide of our picks for a weekend Summer getaway (or a day trip) from good ol’ Downtown LA!

Ventura (70 miles from Seven West)

Head up the iconic 101 to catch some waves, eat great food and get some shopping on over in Ventura. A haven for the laid back, Ventura is such an ideal beach getaway as it never really seems to be that crowded at the ocean. Looking to get a jog in while away? Ventura has a beautiful stretch along the coast line on Harbor Boulevard that lasts a good 6 to 8 miles of water, sea life and a nature trail. Bonus fun? Their legendary Ventura County Fair is currently going on this month, too

Solvang (130 miles)

Plan a weekend getaway this Summer from Downtown LA to ‘The Danish Capitol of America’! Dip your show into a life-sized clog at the Solvang Shoe Store, try an order of Aebeleskiver, see a show at their Solvang Festival Theatre, and, maybe, just maybe, spot some Vikings and faeries! Ok, maybe not the last two. But, Solvang, California is an incredible summer destination that Angelino’s thrive to for wine tasting, food and fun. Wondering what an Aebleskiver is? It’s their famous Danish sweet treat of 3 Danish pancake balls topped with raspberry jelly and powdered sugar. If you loved Hans Christian Anderson tales as a child, check out their museum dedicated to the Danish fairy tale writer within The Book Loft.

Ojai (80 miles)

A hidden gem as you head inland from Ventura, Ojai is boasting with incredible history, restaurants, hiking trails and art galleries. Theatre lovers will appreciate the fact that Our Town’s playwright, Thornton Wilder, was said to draw inspiration for his famous play from the city of Ojai. Known for their somewhat new-age vibes, you vegans’ and those following a gluten free diet will be in heaven at such hot spots like Food Harmonics and their natural health food market, Westridge Market.

Laguna Beach (70 miles)

Head south of Downtown LA and get your art on in Laguna Beach. Known for some of the most world renowned art events in the world, Laguna Beach is currently in full swing of their Pageants of the Masters, Sawdust Festival and Art Fairs. Seafood lover? Their restaurants are fantastic and easily has some of the freshest seafood in Southern California.

Claremont (35 miles)

Very much a hidden gem, Claremont lays in the heart of the Inland Empire and lays on the iconis Route 66. With a newly remodeled scene that involved the city transforming their old rail roads and stations into buzzing hot spot like Packing House Wines and delicious restaurants like Bua Thai, consider a stay at Casa 425. The ultimate cosmopolitan hotel, Casa 425 hosts incredible happy hour’s and music nights in their bar. Don’t miss their monthly events, too!
As you can see, a whole world awaits for that Summer getaway from Downtown LA. Where will you head?! Send us a post card to our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

The 4 Best Free Concerts in Downtown LA

Let’s face it, living in LA is not cheap. But, the plus side? The City of Angels is bursting with loads of free fun to be had. This month alone, there are countless free concerts in Downtown LA. We decided to tally up some we cannot wait to head on out and rock to. Read on and get ready to grab your friends for a fabulous, free night out in Downtown LA. You’re welcome.


Alt favorites Toad the Wet Sprocket bring their eclectic mix of alternative, folk and blue grass to Pershing Square August 5th, along with stellar 80’s favorites, 10,000 Maniacs. While the beloved founder of the Maniacs, Natalie Merchant, has long retired and moved onto solo success, 10,000 Maniacs soldiered on and continue to play all their favorites you’ll be rocking out to like These Are the Days and Candy Everybody Wants. Get there early and enjoy!


Love Shack, baby! Who doesn’t know the B-52’s for such radio favorites like Roam, Your Own Private Idaho and, of course, Love Shack?! They will be headlining Pershing Square for a radical, tubular evening August 12th. And, just to clarify: Yes, this will be a free concert! As always, Pershing Square fills up quick, so, arrive early to ensure you can ‘roam around the world’ with Fred Schneider, Kate Pierson and all the rest!


And, the hits just keep coming. Guitarist, Vocalist and Rocker, John Doe, brings his 80’s rock band, X, to Pershing Square with equally awesome opener, The Meat Puppets. X, right along with 10,000 Maniacs and the rest of the classic 80’s lineup, rose to success with such memorable songs like Riding with Mary and Los Angeles. This is sure to be a night of rock and roll so get ready for a ruckus and rad evening.

Along with Pershing Square, California Plaza on Grand has become famous for their summer long series of free concerts in Downtown LA. With more of a mix of funky, jazz and international favorites, check out Septeto Santiaguero on August 11th; a Grammy award winning group, this Cuban based band combines tropical and funk sounds that is sure to have you dancing all night long.
If you want to venture out of Downtown, check out Levitt Pavilion in Pasadena, Jazz Nights at LACMA and Twilight Concerts in Santa Monica.
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