Sweet, refreshing, cooling and delicious – that’s what you get out of a good juice bar. But where are the best Juice Bars in South Park? We’ve got all the answers in our latest blog so let’s dive straight in!

The Green Grotto Juice Bar is located over at 541 S. Spring St. The Grotto is all about organic fresh-pressed juice and tasty smoothies and they taste utterly delicious. All the juices are pressed on site and all the produce is sourced locally to make sure you have the best and healthiest juice in front of you. We love the Green Grotto and think you will too!

Talking of the best juice bars in South park, you really should check out Earthbar too, over at 523 W. 6th Street. Start off with their acai bowls (and various add-ons) for a delicious treat. And try their smoothies too; we sampled their Earthberry smoothie and fell in love at first sip. They use honey to sweeten a lot of their stuff so make sure you’re not getting too much extra sugar (if at all).

The winner of best name for a juice bar is Amazebowls located at 300 S. Santa Fe Ave. But they don’t just have a great name; their Acai bowls are indeed amazing! We sampled the Dragon Bowl-Z with strawberry, blueberry, and kiwi with nut butter, and we’re literally going to have dreams about it! They offer up all sorts, from acai bowls to smoothies to other super-food treats.

Rounding out our list of the best juice bars in South Park is Om Nom Organics over at 215 W. 9th St. Om Nom (another place we love just saying out loud, over and over!), comes with locally-sourced ingredients all of which are prepared daily. It can’t get any fresher! Their menu is designed to appeal to all; from meat-lovers to gluten-free enthusiasts and more – and we’re sure you’ll find something there for you too that you can’t live without.

So what are you waiting for? The weather’s gorgeous so go out and treat yourself to something at one of these amazing juice bars right here in South Park!

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