By now you’ve probably already heard all about crossfit — a high intensity training program that blends weightlighting, gymnastics, circuit training, and aerobic exercise.  But perhaps its best known for its loyal followers, so much so that crossfit has become a way of life.  There is a reason for the fervor, crossfit is one of the best cross disciplined exercises you can do for your body and mind. So if you’re ready to join in on the craze, here’s a few great spots in our downtown City West ‘hood!

CrossFit 213

CrossFit 213 in the heart of Downtown LA is the real deal.  Their mission to get your looking, feeling, and performing your very best is not taken lightly, and you’ll be supported whether you’re a total newbie to crossfit or a seasoned crossfitter.  A two hour fundamentals class will help newcomers get up to speed on the workouts and give any sort of individualized attention or modifications you may need.  In fact, they even offer one on one time with a coach and/or chiropractor!  The instructors and the clientele are known to be passionate about their workouts and helping one another reach fitness goals — you have nothing to lose (except a few lbs) and everything to gain by checking out CrossFit 213! @crossfit213

Trojan Athletics CrossFit

Trojan Athletics is a comprehensive workout space filled with equipment and plenty of experienced coaches to help you be fit and happy!  The cool thing about Trojan is that you’ll have open access to the gym from 6am to close, and over 12 group coaching sessions per day.  From those 12 sessions, you can choose from three different goal-based programs. Choices, choices, choices! Another bonus you’ll find at Trojan is their paleo meal pick-up services and nutritional guide services.  So if you’re already thinking ahead on your New Year’s resolutions, Trojan might be the place for you to stick to your goals! @trojancf

The Rec Center CrossFit

The Rec Center is all about a broad, general, and inclusive style of fitness — whatever it takes to get you faster, stronger, and more efficient throughout your life!  They help you meet your goals with a logging program.  The logging program is for your personal progress, but not to worry, there’s plenty of incredible coaches on The Rec Center team to help you along the way.  It’s a super friendly atmosphere


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