Living in DTLA has so many perks, but if we had to choose a ‘top perk’ it would probably be access to all the cool shopping and events in the heart of DTLA.  I guess you could say we’re big believers in the healing powers of retail therapy!  The Bloc and Fig at Seventh are both newer additions to DTLA, so we’re here to help you navigate your shopping experience in DTLA.  

Fig At Seventh

Fig At Seventh has all the basics you need for a quick or a full day of shopping from Target to Victoria’s Secret.  They recently added a Nordstrom Rack, which is perfect for finding designer deals.  There’s even a Gold’s Gym in the center if you’re feeling ambitious!   Another thing we absolutely love about Fig at Seventh is that they are creating more than just a shopping experience in the space, they’re creating a community around fun events.  The second Thursday of every odd month (add it to your calendar) they put on  a drinking and painting event where a local artist will coach you through creating your own masterpiece.  While you paint, margaritas, wine, and cocktails are served.

The Bloc

The Bloc is a super cool new shopping center filled with unique stores,  yummy restaurants, and even a fitness center!  It’s perfect for a daytime or afternoon perusing everything from eyewear to toys and tech.  One of our favorite shops at The Bloc that breaks this center out of the mall mold is Handcrafted LA, offering items from local LA makers and includes items like perfumes, leather, ceramics, and so on!  The Bloc also does events here and there, which are great opportunities for networking and getting to know local DTLA dwellers.  Each Tuesday there’s a taco Tuesday, and rotating events like #Fitspo, Valentines Day fun grace the calendar as well.  

All this is practically in our backyard, so go ahead — shop till you drop!

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