What’s Halloween without a few good shrieks of terror?  If you’re a thrill seeker, we’ve got a few places on our list that might send some chills up your spine.  In downtown Los Angeles and surrounding areas, here’s where the thrills at:

Creep LA

Magic Box LA; 1933 Broadway Blvd

You know how sometimes real stories are actually scarier than legend?  Creep LA embraces this idea full force while inviting you into an alternate universe where folklore is oh-so-real.  Secrets out at Creep LA, the frightening truth makes for a far better story.  In the space stories aren’t just camp tales, it’s an entire experience that will creep inside your mind and have you freaked for weeks!

Haunted Hayride

4730 Crystal Springs Dr

You might have hiked Griffith Park during the day or peered over the sweeping views from the Griffith Observatory, but have you ever explored the hills at night?  This ain’t no pumpkin patch, the hayride reveals all kinds of boogey monsters and demons as you ride through park in the dark.  You’ll be escorted to a number of frightening mazes, scare zones, and even a pitch black maze filled with who knows what.  This year’s theme happens to be clowns, you’ve been warned.  


Scare LA isn’t just a haunted house, it’s an entire expose dedicated to the spirit of Halloween.  Located in the Convention Center, ScareLA showcases the city’s top talent and hottest Haloween attractions in Southern California.  If you’re a Halloween devotee, you’ll definitely meet your people while partaking in classes, industry panels, screenings, games, and much more.  Attendees raved about the VR and AR horror experiences from previous years, it’s definitely an experience you won’t want to miss!

Dark Harbor

In Southern California’s largest port, the transformed Queen Mary awaits visitors looking to experience a good haunting.  The Queen Mary has long been rumored to be haunted whether or not it’s Halloween, but during the season it becomes the Dark Harbor where visitors come to have the bejeebers scared right out of them.  Several mazes actually explore the bowels of the Queen Mary, as if that weren’t scary enough, aided by fog, actors, and horrifying props.  It’s an experience not for the faint of heart, but it does make for a singular experience for those willing to risk it!

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