There is nothing like a great getaway. When that bug for a Summer getaway from Downtown LA hits, rest assured if you cannot make the trek to Vegas or take that cross-country road trip (because, you know, adulting), we compiled a little handy guide of our picks for a weekend Summer getaway (or a day trip) from good ol’ Downtown LA!

Ventura (70 miles from Seven West)

Head up the iconic 101 to catch some waves, eat great food and get some shopping on over in Ventura. A haven for the laid back, Ventura is such an ideal beach getaway as it never really seems to be that crowded at the ocean. Looking to get a jog in while away? Ventura has a beautiful stretch along the coast line on Harbor Boulevard that lasts a good 6 to 8 miles of water, sea life and a nature trail. Bonus fun? Their legendary Ventura County Fair is currently going on this month, too

Solvang (130 miles)

Plan a weekend getaway this Summer from Downtown LA to ‘The Danish Capitol of America’! Dip your show into a life-sized clog at the Solvang Shoe Store, try an order of Aebeleskiver, see a show at their Solvang Festival Theatre, and, maybe, just maybe, spot some Vikings and faeries! Ok, maybe not the last two. But, Solvang, California is an incredible summer destination that Angelino’s thrive to for wine tasting, food and fun. Wondering what an Aebleskiver is? It’s their famous Danish sweet treat of 3 Danish pancake balls topped with raspberry jelly and powdered sugar. If you loved Hans Christian Anderson tales as a child, check out their museum dedicated to the Danish fairy tale writer within The Book Loft.

Ojai (80 miles)

A hidden gem as you head inland from Ventura, Ojai is boasting with incredible history, restaurants, hiking trails and art galleries. Theatre lovers will appreciate the fact that Our Town’s playwright, Thornton Wilder, was said to draw inspiration for his famous play from the city of Ojai. Known for their somewhat new-age vibes, you vegans’ and those following a gluten free diet will be in heaven at such hot spots like Food Harmonics and their natural health food market, Westridge Market.

Laguna Beach (70 miles)

Head south of Downtown LA and get your art on in Laguna Beach. Known for some of the most world renowned art events in the world, Laguna Beach is currently in full swing of their Pageants of the Masters, Sawdust Festival and Art Fairs. Seafood lover? Their restaurants are fantastic and easily has some of the freshest seafood in Southern California.

Claremont (35 miles)

Very much a hidden gem, Claremont lays in the heart of the Inland Empire and lays on the iconis Route 66. With a newly remodeled scene that involved the city transforming their old rail roads and stations into buzzing hot spot like Packing House Wines and delicious restaurants like Bua Thai, consider a stay at Casa 425. The ultimate cosmopolitan hotel, Casa 425 hosts incredible happy hour’s and music nights in their bar. Don’t miss their monthly events, too!
As you can see, a whole world awaits for that Summer getaway from Downtown LA. Where will you head?! Send us a post card to our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

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